Xanax Green Football

Xanax Green Football

What is Green football?

According to Dava Pharmaceuticals, Green Xanax football is a type of benzodiazepine that bare similar features to all other types and are identified by 1mg Alprazolam.

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In the case of pregnant or nursing mothers, administering Xanax green football-only opens the body to risks and it is very evident given its chemical compositions. The size of a regular Green football is about 9mm and weighs just 1mg.

With its striking green color and an imprint of “S 902” in the body, the drug is also shaped in an oval form that makes it looks like a regular supplement tablet in the drug store. Xanax drugs have to be strictly prescribed by medical experts in order to ensure a much safer treatment channel.

Xanax Green Football

Composition of green xanax football

As a Benzodiazepine, Xanax Green contains all the necessary elements that a normal Xanax drug possesses. These elements can be highlighted below;

  • Starch (corn)silicon dioxide
  • Microcrystalline cellulose
  • Lactose
  • Docusate sodium
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium

The Green football is a special name used for Xanax which is used to suppress anxiety. By slowing down the central nervous system, the mind and body is safer from panic attacks and other disorders. Because of its’ excellent effectiveness, the Xanax Green football is the best choice for anxiety medication and is widely prescribed across the medical world.

With the increased usage of this drug however, its purpose became mainly used for recreational and ecstatic purposes due to its muscle-relaxing properties. This has brought the addiction o Xanax to a higher level.

What is the weight of Xanax Green football?

Manufactured by Pfizer medical company, the Xanax drug has so many features that are used to relax the muscles and suppress anxiety and other psycho disorders. At 2mg, that is quite impressive albeit there are other tablets that vary in weight of up to 4mg. This depends on the prescription and the class of the anxiety.

XANAX drugs are very easy to identify. By the bold letter inscription on it, they are divided into three places and are indicated with a line. Each small section weighs about approximately 0.66mg.

The Xanax green football can also be referred to as yellow school buses in tighter corners of the streets.

What does the color represent?

As Xanax can appear in so many shapes, colors, and sizes, you might be guessing which color is the most active. As many people religiously use this as a yardstick in determining what is the strongest, yellow? Green?.

However, this is true, not a reliable way of measuring the activeness of a Xanax drug as this depends on the manufacturing company. Many manufacturing companies chose to use different color formulas for marketing, an indication of the weight and other purposes.

The minimum dosage for alprazolam is 0,25 mg which appears in a football-shaped tablet that looks like regular drugs but is been identified with the score In the middle.

For the 0.5 mg variants, the drug is shaped like a football and is mostly manufactured in yellow and pink colors. Some come in yellow, blue and light green colors. These variants are measured in 0.5 mg while the blue and green-colored pills are indicated by 1 mg. 2 mg pills are indicated by white, light green, and yellow color pills. The green pills are also used to represent 3 mg tablets but are triangular in shape

Below is a table illustration;

Yellow, pink, peach. 0.5 mg
Blue, green. 1 mg
Yellow, white, bright green. 2 mg
Green. 3 mg


All patients should adhere to the prescriptions made by the doctor or any of the health professionals in administering the drug. Also, try to seek medical assistance if you do not currently have any. More info on Xanax coloring can be found at AddictionResource.

The effects of Xanax Green football

During the mid-70s, the need for the application of drugs to enhance moods and calm the nerves was introduced. Anxiety, phobias, and depression were common during the days and it later became one of the most prescribed and recommended benzos in the USA and across the world.

With over 50 million prescriptions written every year in the USA alone, Xanax transformed from a drug of anxiety disorder treatments into a pill made for both euphoria and relaxation.


In comparison with other colors

In contrast to other benzodiazepines such as Ativan and Valium, the concentration of the Xanax green football is highly effective and powerful enough to make twice the effect of them. Within thirty minutes to an hour after ingestion, euphoria sets in; this makes them stronger than the white variants.

The oval-shaped green Xanax pill is usually prescribed in 2mg for regular patients and costs around 6 dollars only. However, this dosage should be taken under the strict supervision of trained medical personnel.

It is also important to note that, every pill design or outlook heavily depends on the manufacturing company as they are in control of the color and inscriptions on the pill due to marketing or other purposes.

Dangers of Xanax green football

As surprising as it may sound, addiction on Xanax alone is a rare case. In fact, most Xanax overdose, addiction, or over-dependence is based on the mixture with alcohol substances. This combination has proven to be quite fatal, exposing patients to more health risks such as;

  • Drowsiness
  • Mental imbalance
  • Coma
  • Weak reflex
  • Cognitive problem

Visiting DrugRehab, it is easy to discover that there are a lot of fake drugs spreading everywhere in the form of fentanyl supplements or enhancers.  Because a little dosage is enough to kill a human, patients should pay much needed attention t this. Use the prescription of doctors or buy your Xanax pills from a nearby health-care center.


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