Alprazolam for anxiety

Alprazolam for anxiety

Alprazolam for anxiety. With the advent of anxiety and depression been one of the two most common psychological diseases in the world today, there has been a dire need to enhance professional health care services in tackling this worldwide phenomenon.

What is Alprazolam?

Alprazolam is a short-term acting benzodiazepine substance that acts through the GABA receptor in the CNS. Selling under the general name ‘Xanax’, it has proven to be one of the most reliable anxiety medications available. Their effect on the body can be immense in managing disorder issues and bring tranquility to the brain nerves as well as the central nervous system in general.



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Xanax XR 3mg


The average action time of most Alprazolam medication lasts for about 6 hours. They can also be used in treating chronic nausea and progress can be noticed within a week.

Common side effects

There are a lot of side effects that can occur as a result of the constant medication of alprazolam. Some of these sided effects can prove to be not only dangerous to health but also can bring about fatal consequences. They are;

  • Sleepiness- Alprazolam drugs get the patients very relaxed and sleep for long periods. This is normal in treatment and patients can only seek the advice of a medical expert
  • Headaches- When the body begins t react to such medications, headaches and sometimes migraine, is one of the most common effects.
  • Muscular impairment- Depending on the dosage or type of medication, the ingestion of alprazolam helps in managing panic disorders but will bring about weak joints and muscles. Patients will find it difficult to engage in major activities during action times.

Side effects on regular drugs will improve subsequently as the treatment progresses. And as strong as the alprazolam, the side effects can be effectively managed and then slowly wane off as time goes on.

When the case is been reported for panic or anxiety disorder, many health experts hesitate before prescribing or administering alprazolam supplements due to its very high risk of addiction and misuse.

There has been the case of withdrawal symptoms that fully require stringent control when they occur as they can easily lead to bigger problems as well as a psychological breakdown. This then leads to the thought of suicide and depression; back to square one.

This is also one of the major reasons why the dosage will have to decrease by the doctor as the weeks passes on.

Cost of Alprazolam drugs

Due to its importance in suppressing and effectively managing disorder issues, Alprazolam has also been one of the most abused drugs in the streets due to its relaxation and strong sedation abilities.

Whether online purchase, manual purchase, both legal and illegal, has called for the need to regulate prices and restrictions which are been controlled by FDA so as to tackle the impending issues of drug abuse and over-dependency.

The wholesale price for Alprazolam drugs in the United States is about $0.03 per dose. With over 27 million prescriptions recorded as of 2018, this cements its place as one of the most prescribed drugs in

Also, there are so many subscription programs and packages you can find online when seeking medication. Alprazolam is prescribed for treating many psychological disorders in the human body aside from anxiety and panic alone. Visit to know more about Alprazolam dosage, control, medication and side effects.

For patients who have the opportunity to health insurance and Medicare programs, it is easy to order alprazolam medicine online while having a shot at discounts and other affordable services.

Treating anxiety

Alprazolam treatment in anxiety disorders is quite different from the case of panic disorder. Medical reports have claimed that the effect of the drug in such a case is limited to just a few months only to ensure better control and sound medical assistance.

However, alprazolam has been able to tackle anxiety in a short-term approach rather than on a long term basis. While this has been a problem in alprazolam medication, other regions across the world also administer these drugs for short term uses which are approved by the FDA. In the UK for example, the drug is prescribed for 2-3 weeks of treatment.

Food interaction

In the reaction with natural plants, a condition referred to as a semi-comatose state occurs which is drowsiness and inactivity to perform basic tasks like walking, sitting, standing and speaking.

Alprazolam drugs also react heavily with the kava herb and they are one of the major causes of the semi-comatose state when taken with Alprazolam. When you head to the grocery store, keep an eye on the type of herb or veggies you wish to buy or seek the right medical assistance from your doctor.

Alprazolam for anxiety: Drug interaction

Like any other drug, alprazolam reacts with many other medical substances, although all have a different manner of approach. Majorly metabolized with CYP3A4 inhibitors, alprazolam is then combined which then results in its slower disintegration.

This then brings about the accumulation of these entities in the body and the intensity of side effects can be very difficult to control and manage at this point.

CYP3A4 is a very important enzyme that is mostly found in the liver and intestine of the body’s internal system. They are used basically for oxidizing the drugs that we ingest so it can be medically removed from the body system during treatment.

Below is a list of drugs that the Alprazolam reacts with;

  • Ketoconazole
  • Itraconaxzole
  • Fluvoxamine
  • Erythromycin
  • Norfluoxetine
  • Propozyphene


Alprazolam and breastfeeding


Benzos are strong drugs that can be found in every part of the body system, even in the breast milk of nursing mothers. It is highly advisable to get the right dosage so as to prevent it from passing the substance to your baby or unborn child as well.

The right dosage can also help you avoid over-dependency and achieve the required assistance in managing withdrawal symptoms as this proves to be damaging to both you and your child.

Examples of these withdrawal symptoms common in nursing or breastfeeding moms are mental break down cognitive problems, and weight loss.

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